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Gordon Having a keen interest in photography since his early teens, Gordon has been an avid photographer, taking images of various subjects over the years from landscapes to weddings for friends and family.

Always behind the lens capturing those special moments and the ever changing scenery of the surrounding countryside. Photography is a passion that has been an inspiration, from the darkroom to the final print and now progressing to digital images and audio visual.

Whatever life throws your way, you are never too old to learn and develop new skills, the beauty of an image is in the eyes of the beholder and capturing a moment in time is a priceless memory.

Margaret has an eye for detail  and is Gordon’s support and inspiration.  A talented artist in her own right, but equally happy behind the lens, capturing subjects that she later draws or paints, using watercolour, pastel or pencil, exhibiting her art-work locally, which has resulted in several commissions.

Gordon and Margaret are members of the Deeping’s Camera Club and Margaret joins other artists each week at a local art group in a nearby village in South Lincolnshire where they reside.

Both have exhibited at local shows and events and have had their work published in the press and on numerous websites and magazines including front covers.

We hope you enjoy viewing our images, and that they may give you the inspiration to look differently at the world .

However much a man might love beautiful scenery, his love for it would be greatly enhanced if he looked at it with the eye of an artist, and knew why it was beautiful. A new world is open to him who has learnt to distinguish and feel the effect of the beautiful and subtle harmonies that nature presents in all her varied aspects. Men usually see little of what is before their eyes unless they are trained to use them in a special manner”.

 Henry Peach Robinson

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